Table Event Booking Contract/Terms of Service

Table Event Booking Contract / Terms Of Service

In this document Farrar’s Face Painting And Tattoos will be referred to as “FFAT” and the booking party will be referred to as “client”

In this document Farrar’s Face Painting And Tattoos will be referred to as “FFAT” and the booking party will be referred to as “client”

  1. In the event of extreme weather, where an event is outdoors, FFAT reserves the right to cancel the booking, delay the start time of the booking, or cease painting/activities and the leave the premises due to extreme and hazardous weather conditions, such as, but not limited to, severe rain, thunderstorms, high winds etc.
  2. If circumstances arise which put our staff or their equipment in danger or at risk, every effort will be made by our staff to work out a solution with the client. If no viable options or workarounds are arranged then the staff member(s) have the right to cease painting/activities without prejudice or penalty.
  3. FFAT reserves the right to display a tip jar at all events/bookings as we see fit, as long as it does not overpower the stand/stall/event.
  4. FFAT will abide by our in-house health and safety policy at all times during events/bookings and will use reasonable care to avoid damage to clothing or property, the client relieves FFAT of any responsibility for any of the above mentioned damage caused.
  5. FFAT will not be liable for non-attendance of our staff due to the incorrect details being provided to us at the time of booking.
  6. Suitable parking space must be available for a regular sized vehicle at the event/premises.
  7. Any parking fees that are due at the venue are the responsibility of the client for any FFAT vehicles required to cater for your event/booking.

  8. The client has no right to change the date/time/location of the booking after the booking fee/deposit has been paid. If they need to change the date/time of the event/booking and we are not able to attend the new date/time, a full refund of any table/event booking fees will be made to FFAT. If the event location is to be changed, you must give at least 14 days notice and additional fuel costs may be charged, please note change of venue/address is fully at our discretion if we agree to attend.
  9. If the event is canceled due to extreme weather a full refund of any event/stall fees must be made to FFAT.
  10. If the situation arises that the client does not make payments for any costs occurred in the above mentioned reasons and the issue is raised to a court decision, the client is liable for all court costs associated with the claim.
  11. If your event runs over the agreed booking times it is at FFAT staff discretion as to whether they stay additional time or pack up and leave at the original agreed time.
  12. Any cancellation of booking/event by the client must be given in writing or via email with a copy of the clients signature attached.
  13. Upon cancellation, any outstanding fees will become immediately payable following our invoice and a full refund for table costs is to be paid if event is canceled by the organiser.


  1. FFAT will arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the event/booking to setup.
  2. Please ensure there is clear access to the venue/premises/event for all FFAT staff to unload and setup for the event, failure to do so may result in delays or not being able to setup at all.
  3. FFAT staff are not there to mind or supervise children/guests during the event, we are there to provide services only. The behaviour and safety of the children and guests is those of the responsible adult in charge of said persons. For all guests under the age of 18 a parent/guardian/carer must be present at all times.
  4. FFAT will stop work at the agreed end time and start to packup and store all equipment/tools etc, if additional time has been requested and agreed upon then payment will need to be made immediately.
  5. For all outdoor events alternative indoor locations must be provided if bad weather hits, if you wish for services to continue.

  6. Anyone who appears to be suffering from Chicken Pox, Measles, Rubella, Impetigo, Scabies, Cold Sores, Conjunctivitis or those who suffer from Eczema or have open cuts and sores.
  7. Anyone who is generally unwell.
  8. Anyone with wet or dirty skin.
  9. Anyone who is asleep, too wriggly or reluctant to have the work done.
  10. Anyone with sensitive skin or allergies. However, a skin patch test can be carried out on the inside of the arm at a parent/guardian’s request and left for approximately 60 minutes. If there is no reaction, they can be painted on their face/body by our staff at their own risk without prejudice or penalty towards FFAT.
  11. Children under the age of 3 years old.
  12. Anyone that is abusive, violent or intoxicated.
  13. Anybody asking for anything that could be considered as offensive.
  14. Anybody asking for work to take place on inappropriate parts of the body.
  15. The artist reserves the right to refuse anyone that is, or seems to fall into any of the categories mentioned above in points 28-36.

  16. Anyone with head lice or nits.
  17. People with very fine hair.
  18. Children less than the age of 3.
  19. Anyone that is abusive, violent or intoxicated.
  20. Anyone with skin problems on the scalp, such as Eczema or Psoriasis.
  21. Anyone who appears to be suffering from Chicken Pox, Measles, Rubella, Impetigo, Scabies, Cold Sores, Conjunctivitis or those who have open cuts and sores.
  22. Anyone who is asleep, too wriggly or reluctant to have the work done.
  23. The braider reserves the right to refuse anyone that is or seems to fall into any of the categories mentioned above in points 38-44.

    All FFAT staff:
  24. Are insured with at least £5 million public liability insurance.
  25. Will keep the work station and tools clean.
  26. Will adhere to industry health and safety practices. For example, we ensure our brushes are washed on a regular basis and waster changed frequently during an event. Fresh sponges are used on each customer.
  27. Will wash all equipment thoroughly after an event.
  28. Will only used EEC/FDA approved, paints, glitter and glues. Some professional paints can temporarily stain the skin. This will go after a few washes.
  29. Will provide a large range of colours and designs in terms of face painting designs, tattoo designs and hair braiding options.
  30. Will ensure the participant’s hair is suitable before installing a braid, if it is not suitable a clip-in/removable braid will be offered where available.

  31. The client will ensure that that all FFAT staff have a safe, dry, comfortable covered area to work in, with adequate lighting away from speakers, equipment, bouncy castles etc.
  32. If gazebos are provided they must be sturdy, securely tethered and the sides must be installed incase of weather conditions that may affect services otherwise.
  33. The clients own insurance must cover public liability for the safety and structural integrity of any gazebo they provide.
  34. You will ensure there is enough space and suitable standing is provided for us to securely tether guide ropes and weight etc if FFAT is providing the gazebo, frozen ground, bricks, flags, pebbles etc are not suitable for the tethering of a gazebo.
  35. The client agrees that FFAT is the sole provider of the services booked for the event/booking.
  36. If we arrive to the event and there are other providers of the services booked, any table/event fee will be fully refunded to FFAT on arrival along with any travel costs incurred.
  37. The client agrees where bookings are on a Pay Per Face policy, if the guaranteed minimum negotiated rate is not met at the event for any reason, they agree to pay the difference immediately at the end of the event.
  38. The client agrees to inform FFAT if any participants do not wish for their photos to be taken.

  39. FFAT reserves the right to display and distribute promotional marketing materials during the event.
  40. FFAT may take photos during the event with written permission from the parent/guardian of those pictured and with the permission of the client. (Forms will be provided for parents/guardians to sign). Any photography that takes place may be used for promoting the business including but not limited to social media platforms.

Once the contract is returned signed, either via post or e-mail it is legally binding. If you do not agree with any of the terms in this document you should contact us prior to returning the form.
We will endeavour to negotiate a bespoke contract as required that is suitable for your event.


Insurance documents will be emailed as required to the event organisers along with paper copies being made available on the day.